Waist Trainer Belt for Women and Men – Body Shaper Belt For An Hourglass Shaper New You(Black, X-Large)


Waist trainer belt New You is ideal for workout. This technology raises your body temperature and provides burn of calories efficiently, making your body work effective. You can also wear it every day. Waist Trainer Brace should be worn for 3 hours daily. If you combine this waist trainer Brace with the regular exercise, you can see quick results.
Prevents herniated disc and lumbar muscle sprains. Recommended to help relieve lower back pain from strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Helps you to keep good posture and protects your lower back. Recommended for people with sedentary work. Provides preventative and therapeutic support to avoid weightlifting- related injuries, helps to control shapes and reduces the size of waist and abdomen.

It is available in 5sizes, 5 colors.
size S: length – 35,4 inch, width – 9′, waist- 23′-26′;
size M: length – 39,3 inch, width – 9′, waist-26′-30′ ;
size L: length – 43,3inch, width – 9′, waist 30′-35,4′;
size XL-length – 47,2inch, width – 9′, waist-35,4′-41,3′;
size XXL : length – 51,1inch, width – 9′, waist-41,3′-45,2′;
Hand wash your New you Waist Belt in cold water or wash in gentle cycle in cold water. Do Not put Belt in dryer!
We strive to give the best service to all of our customers, please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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Product Features

  • EXELLENT SLIMMING BELT: The Waist Tummy Trimmer NEW YOU helps you to form a Slim and Sexy figure. Weight Loss belt increases your core temperature during Workout and accelerates Metabolism – your training becomes much more efficient and you burn fat in the waist and abdomen. That Really works!
  • BEST SUPPORT BACK and PREVENTS INJURY: If you have regular back pains, poor Posture or just a really bad pain at the end of the work day, Tummy Tuck &Back Support Ab Belt will give you Extra Support you lower back and abdominal muscles.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: The New You differs from other models by Special design – Dual compression and flexible tapes provide strong support to your waist and back, to keep the heat and sweat, it also acts as a safety belt. The filler is made from 100% Premium latex-free Neoprene. The Tummy Trimmer belt does not slip during training, which allows feeling Comfortable while wearing it.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 100% Money Back Guarantee We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied with your Waist trainer belt purchase, you can return it for a replacement or a refund. Any problem about our tummy tuck belt, feel free to contact us.
  • For a Perfect Fit, PLEASE MEASURE your waist and choose on the basis of size of the table. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR CLOTHES SIZE, measure your waist before choosing the waist trimmer size. Use size chart before purchase. Make Your Body BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY with a Waist Trainer Belt NEW YOU!



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