Exercise Bands, 5 Set Strength/Resistance Exercise Loop Bands Workout Equipment. Each is 12″x2″(5.1cmx30.5cm). Tone Your Buttocks, Hips & Thighs. 5 Stretch Levels: Light-Medium-Heavy-X-Heavy-XX-Heavy


Introducing the Wisdompro set of 5 professional grade, loop-design, exercise resistance bands. Each is 12 inches x 2 inches (5.1cm x 30.5cm). They’re made of high-quality, durable, eco-friendly, natural latex. Each band is a different color to indicate the different resistance levels. Each band is labelled and has easy to understand dot-markings to show which level it is – Light to XX-Heavy. Change up your exercise routine! Get better slimming and toning results by adding these bands to your routine. These are a perfect accessory for your yoga training, pilates, leg, thigh, buttock toning, and other exercises. Use your imagination and add these resistance bands to work-out other areas too! Upper arms, shoulders, and waist/core areas. Use them at home – but also take them with you! They are lightweight, small, and easy to take along to your gym or yoga studio – and also wherever your travels take you..

Wisdompro retail package includes:
1 x Green band — Light Resistance (0.35mm thick band)
1 x Blue band – Medium Resistance (0.5mm thick band)
1 x Yellow band – Heavy Resistance (0.7mm thick band)
1 x Red band — X-Heavy Resistance (1.0mm thick band)
1 x Orange band — XX-Heavy Resistance (1.2mm thick band)
1 x free carry bag

Wisdompro Customer Satisfaction Warranty:
If you encounter issues with any Wisdompro product, please contact us right away. We will gladly work with you until the issue is resolved.

Wisdompro® products are sold by authorized sellers only.

Product Features

  • 5 Different Color Coded Bands each 12 inches x 2 inches (5.1cm x 30.5cm). 5 Different Resistance Levels Means Optimal Workout Possibilities: Light (5-11 lbs.), Medium (9-17 lbs.), Heavy (13-21 lbs.), X-Heavy (16-27 lbs.) and XX-Heavy (21-33 lbs.)
  • Made of High-quality, Eco-Friendly, Natural Latex; Washable, Durable, and Great Elasticity Means Long Product Life
  • Use for Extra Performance and Results with; Yoga, Pilates, Core Training, Leg Training – and Other Workouts You Can Create on Your Own
  • Professionally Stretch, Strengthen, and Tone your Muscles as you Lose Fat and Improve Your Physical Abilities and Appearance. Perfect for Adults and Teens that Want to Slim Down, and Improve Appearance and Fitness – without Bulking Up Muscles
  • Wisdompro retail package includes: 5 Exercise Bands, and a Free Carry Bag



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