7 Signs Your Air Conditioner May Actually Be Making You Sick


Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the hot quite yet. Luckily, we have our amazing air conditioner units!

Air conditioners can truly be a life saver in helping to battle hot homes. In true, these devices can become some of the best chums we’ve ever had while tolerating hot and humidity. There’s nothing quite like turning on your air conditioner after a long period at work, and feeling the cool air on your skin.

But whether you’re an avid customer of your air conditioner, or only become it on from time to time, it’s good to be in the know about what your air conditioner may be doing to your health without you even knowing it.

The fact that my air conditioner might be causing unexpected health side effects came as a huge surprise to me. Who knew my A.C. could be creating my blood pressure?

Scroll through the gallery below for seven potential air conditioner side effects you should be aware of, as well as some tips for getting around them.

While this doesn’t mean we should start to fear our air conditioners, it is definitely good to know the potential dangers so we can stay in control of our health!

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